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Remedial Floor Grinding 

Uneven levelling & flatness are two factors that are essential in the operational efficiency of a warehouse. If the flooring is poor, the warehouse can never perform to it’s optimum potential. And not just that, an unfinished floor, causes excessive vibration that puts the driver’s safety & health in jeopardy resulting in mishaps, lower speeds and further downtime, thereby, increasing the maintenance costs. The best solution to ensure floor flatness and levelness and provide a smooth and flawless finish on flat surface is Remedial Grinding. At Concrete Planners, we select a portion of the entire surface area and analyse it to understand the surface texture. This slab reading helps prepare a grinding strategy that is applied to the entire surface area. The result is a dust-free, flat and levelled concrete floor that will increase the operational efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs of the floor. The remedial grinding has dynamically changed the benchmark of quality and flatness in the warehousing industry and is backed by certifications and adheres to the specifications in TR-Our latest technology and futuristic machinery helps accomplish all your requirements with perfection and speed so that your operational efficiency is not impacted. Our technology’s well suited to all kinds of warehouses and industrial floorings and gives you optimum results par excellence. So choose Remedial Grinding, and get dust-free, Superflat, safe and smooth concrete floorsfor your warehouse. And bid goodbye to recurring maintenance costs and downtime.

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Serving Clients

In the whole process of flooring, be it commercial or retail, the most important link of the chain is the End User or the Final Consumer. In most cases, the work is entirely transferred from the end user to the contractor. But an integral step in this process, which cannot and should not be missed out, is the role of the consultant. A consultant acts as an interface between the client and the contractor and ensures that the vision of the client is carried out in conformity with the technical specifications mentioned in ASTM (American standards for flooring works) or TR34(UK standards for flooring works).

More often than not, there is a hurry to rush through work with some compromises made on the quality that may not be visible during the time but could act problematic at a later stage. This is where, trained and experienced professionals like Concrete Planners come into the picture and ensure that the life of the floor is preserved for years to come. A lot of clients make this blunder of seeking advice from a consultant after the flooring develops some fault but by that time, it’s too little, too late. Dismantling or rectifying a faulty floor is more painstaking, time-consuming and expensive that constructing a new one.

At Concrete Planners, you will get an expert view on everything about concrete flooring from designing to detailing, selecting the material to preparing it, choosing the right machinery for the job, installing the floor and maintaining it, according to your budget. Concrete Planners offers complete and comprehensive solutions, onsite supervision and the required certification related to Quality assurance & elevational tolerances (Flatness and Levels).

Think Flooring Consultants, Think Concrete Planners.

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Serving Contractors

The Concrete Flooring Industry has been growing rapidly and has changed leaps and bounds in the last few decades, with regard to materials used as well as the installation procedure. The older tools and techniques which once seemed to suffice are no longer equipped to meet the taxing requirements of the clients.

Concrete Planners’ was founded with the agenda to cater to the emerging demands for a skilled and experienced consultancy that would provide comprehensive and competent solutions and supervision in the concrete flooring industry.

Concrete Planners’ urges the flooring contractors (Industrial & Interior Decorative Contractors) to move with the changing times and upgrade their tool list since a floor is only as good as its tools. One may consider it heavy on the pocket considering the initial setup and training costs but the latest technology in machinery can have a productive long-term impact. An upgrade in machinery empowers a company to stay ahead in this cut-throat competitive industry. And reduces the downtime and breakdown costs. Concrete Planners’ not only helps in upgrading to state-of-the-art machinery but also imparts knowledge & techniques to use modern concrete flooring tools.

One of the most essential components of Industrial Concrete Flooring is Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL) which is imperative to the safety and productivity of the concrete floor and helps save a lot of time and money. Concrete Planners uses the top-of-the-line The Dipstick® Floor Profiler (in accordance with the published standards and practices of the American concrete institute, the Canadian standards association & the American society for testing & materials) to achieve the desired FF/ FL numbers.

In the last 10 years, there has been a massive surge in the acid-stained concrete flooring. Concrete Planners’ has the perfect solution for all your decorative concrete demands and not only provides consultation for new projects but also for repair and restorative work. With professional and proficient experience in the Concrete Flooring Industry, Concrete Planners’ is adept at providing solutions and supervision to meet the specific demands of the client by analysing, repairing, maintaining and restoring the defect.

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Role & Responsibilities Of a Floor Consultant

The construction methodology of designing a concrete floor depends on its usage and the external conditions it will be exposed to.  An industrial floor is subject to harsh situations like heavy traffic, massive vibrating machinery, spilling and spalling, damage by forklift and industrial chemicals, excessive wear and tear and more.

There are certain components which are pivotal for an ideal concrete floor construction. They say a structure is as good as its base. The formulation of the base is crucial to the quality of the floor. Only a strong base can lay the foundation for a uniform slab design. An appropriate slab design is a conglomeration of many factors like soil-bearing capacity, mixture strength, the area and position of the load applied. Reinforcement up to a minimum thickness as per the specifications is a must to avoid cracks. The concrete mix should be prepared with the right mix of all ingredients in the right quantity.

Thus, the ideal industrial floor is an amalgamation of the design and the construction process. The floor designing is the task of an expert and skilled professional who has an in-depth theoretical knowledge of TR34 accompanied by a practical experience of construction methodology. The nature and purpose of the floor determine the design and construction techniques. The concrete specification should be pertaining to the flooring.

And this is where the role of the consultant comes into the picture by helping create quality control and quality check plans. He works in coordination with the client and the contractor on the overall building programme, the base, the slab design, methods to avoid surface damage, the time required, the necessary documentation etc.

During the construction phase, engineers deployed by the flooring consultant cover areas like health and safety checks, the delivery documentation, the mixing procedures, testing concrete and other materials.

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Floor Consultant

To the naked eye, all floors may look equally flat and levelled. But that is a misconception. While the FF and FL numbers do not have to be absolutely accurate in case of flooring for personal use but in the case of a warehouse, the level of precision has to be very high.

The warehouses today are very futuristic and automated, and their proper flooring is inevitable for the unhindered operation of the facility. So, what looks to be the easiest part of the structure to construct is the hardest and the most integral component because the floor, as they say, is the heart of the facility. And one cannot afford to compromise on floor flatness and floor levelness.

However, this semblance of simplicity often leads to an underestimation of the design and construction requirements. A well designed and constructed floor will escalate productivity, diminish maintenance of the building and increase the floor equipment life.

 And that is why the floor profiling needs to be taken care of at the conception phase to ensure a smooth and hassle-free end result. An accurate concrete floor profile will take care of the bumps and jerks in terms of FF/FL numbers. Ignoring this basic criterion will lower the efficiency of MHE for as long as the facility is in use. It will also jeopardize the safety of the operators and decrease the life of the MHE. Thus, it is rightly said, it all starts from the bottom.

And now comes into the picture, the role of the Floor Consultant. His vision and knowledge ensure the designing and construction of the concrete floors, the ideal way, and providing the necessary documentation. Unless, one seeks a professional opinion at the onset, there will follow a lot of corrective action which will increase the downtime of the facility, increase the expenditures in terms of the costs of the remedial services and increase the losses incurred on a daily basis because of being non-operational.

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