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What we do?

Floor repairs and refurbishments | Testing | Consulting


We are the leading company providing services of Defect Investigation, floor repair solutions, testing & certifications and consulting services under one roof in India and Eastern African Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

Our expert engineers are specially trained to find out the root cause of the flooring problems and follow strict compliance of global industry standards like ASTM and TR34 to maintain the quality standards of industrial concrete floors for our customers. This ensures the delivery of most durable, strong and less maintenance floors. SOP followed by our engineers is Testing → Repairing → Testing (Positive results) → Happy customer. We use world’s most sophisticated and most precise measuring equipments for testing and measurements of Random Traffic floors (Mostly FM2 Floors) and Defined Movement Floors (DM). Customers get the results instantly on the floor and doesn’t have to wait for 3 to 7 days for the results and certification. This saves lot of time of customer to start the operations on newly constructed floor. Our latest testing machines produces results of mandatory tests like soil/ ground compaction, concrete air content, concrete strength, floor flatness and levelness results right away on job site!

Testing Solutions

Free movement floor testing and certification

Industrial facilities like warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, factories, etc. need best quality of floors. The revenue of such facilities is directly linked to number of goods dispatches. Therefore, flooring of such facilities must comply to free movement flooring specifications.

Defined movement floor testing and certification

Floors where VNA truck and high racking system (8m and above) is to be installed. Measuring standards:TR34- DM 1/2/3 / ACI- Fmin

Sub-base Elevation

Benefits of 3D Report

  • Review level sheet in seconds.
  • Review slab thickness consistency instantly
  • Average thickness of slab can be calculated more accurately.
  • Increase working speed.

Soil Compaction Test


  • Fast and cost effective
  • Reliable and precise
  • Quick reporting


Air Content Test

Measuring standards Measuring standards ASTM C231 Benefits Fast, reliable resultsTests normal weight or lightweight concrete mixesRecommended byACI 302.1R-15 Guide to Concrete Floor and Slab Construction TR34 flooring guideg.

Slab Curling Test

 This is also called “Warping test” This is also called “Warping test”Reference ACI 302 guide for concrete floor slabs BenefitsPrecise and accurate dataRepairs can be carried out at very initial stageReduces maintenance cost of flooring

Measuring Joint Stability


• ACI 302. 1R-15 for concrete floors

• Elastic deflection on the joint during load transfer. Permissible value for indoor floor slabs deflection is < 0.25mm

• Slab should be tested when spalling is observed on joints.

Slope Measurements

• ASTM- E1155

• Measuring slopes for floors with slope for easy drainage of water or chemical liquids.

• Puddles of water or chemical on concrete surface affects the performance of the flooring and results in frequent repair works.

VNA Wire Installation

We provide service of VNA wire guidance system installation for very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks and Automated guided vehicles (AGV’s). Installation of wire and transponders or magnets should be done very precisely because the sensors installed in the vehicle receives the signals from the wire embedded in the floor and system locks the steering when the vehicle is moving in the aisle.  

Measuring Thickness of Coatings

• Measuring thickness of coating is important for floors with uneven profile. Consistency of thickness of coating determines the performance of the flooring.

• This is nondestructive test carried out with most sophisticated measurement equipment.

• Instant results

• Precise and accurate

Defect Investigation & Remedial Solutions

• Our highly expert team inspect the damaged industrial floor, find the root cause of damage or frequent repairs on particular floor section and provide the appropriate and durable remedial solution.

• Diagnose the defect

• Expert witness

• Expert repair solutions

Concrete Uniformity / Strength Testing

Measuring standards

• ASTM C805 | EN 12504-2 | ISO/DIS 8045

• Benefits 

• Precise and accurate

• Instant computerized report

• Strength estimation 10- 70 N/mm2

• Measurement of impact angle

Rebar Detector Test

• Measuring standards

• BS 1881 | DIN 1045 | SS 78-B4

• Benefits

• Real time visualization of rebar

• Nondestructive test

• Advanced technology

• Precise and reliable

Floor Quality Inspection & Consultancy

1. Design review

2. Physical floor inspection and reporting

3. Surface cracking and damage survey

4. Flatness and Elevation survey

5. Finding root cause and providing remedial solutions

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