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Floor Consultant

To the naked eye, all floors may look equally flat and levelled. But that is a misconception. While the FF and FL numbers do not have to be absolutely accurate in case of flooring for personal use but in the case of a warehouse, the level of precision has to be very high.

The warehouses today are very futuristic and automated, and their proper flooring is inevitable for the unhindered operation of the facility. So, what looks to be the easiest part of the structure to construct is the hardest and the most integral component because the floor, as they say, is the heart of the facility. And one cannot afford to compromise on floor flatness and floor levelness.

However, this semblance of simplicity often leads to an underestimation of the design and construction requirements. A well designed and constructed floor will escalate productivity, diminish maintenance of the building and increase the floor equipment life.

 And that is why the floor profiling needs to be taken care of at the conception phase to ensure a smooth and hassle-free end result. An accurate concrete floor profile will take care of the bumps and jerks in terms of FF/FL numbers. Ignoring this basic criterion will lower the efficiency of MHE for as long as the facility is in use. It will also jeopardize the safety of the operators and decrease the life of the MHE. Thus, it is rightly said, it all starts from the bottom.

And now comes into the picture, the role of the Floor Consultant. His vision and knowledge ensure the designing and construction of the concrete floors, the ideal way, and providing the necessary documentation. Unless, one seeks a professional opinion at the onset, there will follow a lot of corrective action which will increase the downtime of the facility, increase the expenditures in terms of the costs of the remedial services and increase the losses incurred on a daily basis because of being non-operational.

So, while the need for precision may not be pivotal in every construction. But, in commercial set-ups, like warehouses, one must seek professional guidance from the word go! To save time, money and remedial action.

Role & Responsibilities Of a Floor Consultant

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