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What we do?

Floor repairs and refurbishments | Testing | Consulting

We are the leading company providing services of Defect Investigation, floor repair solutions, testing & certifications and consulting services under one roof in India and Eastern African Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

Our expert engineers are specially trained to find out the root cause of the flooring problems and follow strict compliance of global industry standards like ASTM and TR34 to maintain the quality standards of industrial concrete floors for our customers. This ensures the delivery of most durable, strong and less maintenance floors. SOP followed by our engineers is Testing → Repairing → Testing (Positive results) → Happy customer. We use world’s most sophisticated and most precise measuring equipments for testing and measurements of Random Traffic floors (Mostly FM2 Floors) and Defined Movement Floors (DM). Customers get the results instantly on the floor and doesn’t have to wait for 3 days for the results and certification. This saves lot of time of customer to start the operations on newly constructed floor. Our latest testing machines produces results of mandatory tests like soil/ ground compaction, concrete air content, concrete strength, floor flatness and levelness results right away on job site!

Concrete densification & polishing

We provide the best surface treatments to make the floor durable and strong. We use lithium silicate-based densifiers from the reputed manufacturers like Sika, Fosroc, BASF or equivalent to ensure No Quality Compromise to our prestigious customers. Polishing process goes up to 3000 diamond grit to achieve the best quality shine over the concrete surface.


  • Controls dusting
  • Increases the reflectivity
  • Stain resistance
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Regular maintenance can be done by regular house keeping team

Floor stabilization


  • •No down time- floor can be put on use immediately after installation
  • •Cost effective in comparison with injection grouting
  • •Increases operational efficiency and productivity
  • •Extends floor life and minimizes the floor maintenance cost
  • •Minimizes MHE maintenance cost
  • •Reduces accidental risk

This is major problem of warehousing industry which increases the cost of maintenance of floor joint, MHE axels and frequent replacement of wheels.

Remedial Grinding

Bad levels and flatness of concrete floor reduces the productivity of the VNA system by more than 50%. Our signature remedial grinding system bring back the flatness and levelness of concrete floor to take the optimum benefit of installed VNA system


  • Increases operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Extends floor life and minimizes the floor maintenance cost.
  • Minimizes MHE maintenance cost and reduces accidental chances.
  • Cost effective in comparison with over lay system. Over lay system needs lot of preparation like priming, surface preparation, curing time, etc. whereas grinding system can be put in place in as it is floor conditions and floor can be put on use immediately after grinding.
  • In overlay system, installation of magnets/ transponders or guiding wire needs re-installation or lot of adjustments, wherein grinding system does not need any of this adjustment.
  • Overlay system commonly have de-lamination problem.

Injection grouting

This repair is required when your concrete floor have up and down movement over its joints because of cavity under the joint. Allowable movement of joint as per ACI standards or global industry standards is 0.25mm. Any slab which have vertical movement or rocking movement on joint more than 0.25mm should be tested and repaired immediately by our special repair system.




  • Provides required support to the concrete slab.
  • Increases operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Extends floor life and minimizes the floor maintenance cost.
  • Minimizes damage to MHE wheels and axles.

Joint repair solution

Joints of concrete floor should be monitored on regular basis and need special care. According to global industry standards joints maintenance should be:

  • Monitored during daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • Inspected (spalling/ other damage) and repaired every 3 months

In this system we cut the joint to make it straight, grind the edge to remove the step and seal with the appropriate sealant which is strong enough to protect the arris and avoid spalling.



Expansion joint repair

This is also called full depth joint repair system. This type of repair is required where joint is damaged more than 12mm wide or where pre-installed armored joint has failed to perform.


  • Increases operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Extends floor life and minimizes the floor maintenance cost.
  • Minimizes damage to MHE wheels and axles.
  • Protects future damage to the floor

Pothole repair

This is very common problem with many of industrial concrete floors. Usually happens because of impact of heavy or sharp items or weak concrete or poorly finished concrete surface. Potholes should be repaired immediately when observed on the flooring, else they may become the reason of many other flooring performance issues.

Our engineers find out the root cause of the pothole before carrying out any remedial work.


  • Increases operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Extends floor life and minimizes the floor maintenance cost.
  • Minimizes damage to MHE wheels and axles.
  • We use best products offered from following manufacturers

Slab curling repair

Slab curling problems should be inspected by the expert and testing should be carried out to calculate the area which has curled up and the amount of curling happened on the flooring. This data helps the engineer to mark the locations where repair is required and to record the information of repaired floor section.


  • Provides the required support to the concrete slab which ultimately increases the performance of the flooring.
  • Increases operational efficiency and productivity. 
  • Extends floor life and minimizes the floor maintenance cost.
  • Minimizes damage to MHE wheels and axles.

VNA wire installation

We provide service of VNA wire guidance system installation for very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks and Automated guided vehicles (AGV’s). Installation of wire and transponders or magnets should be done very precisely because the sensors installed in the vehicle receives the signals from the wire embedded in the floor and system locks the steering when the vehicle is moving in the aisle.  

Our expertise

  • Constant depth though out the linear length
  • Precision of installation of magnets/ transponders
  • Movement detailing
  • Durable system

Concrete crack repairs

Repairs the concrete crack is important to avoid the future damage to the concrete. First job of our expert engineers is to check whether crack is active or dormant. Accordingly, we select the technique for routing and sealing cracks.


Crack repair methods

  • Epoxy injection
  • Rout or clean and seal
  • Stitching and doweling
  • Grouting
  • Dry packing
  • Overlay and surface treatments
  • No repair- monitor

Joint re-sealing

Widening of joints within one year after construction is normal behaviour. Initially, joints are sealed with soft and elastomeric sealant, which ultimately gets debond or split with time. Therefore, re-sealing of joints with appropriate sealant is important which maintains the balance between joint opening and hardness of the sealant.


  • Protection of arrises under heavy wheel load
  • Controls corrosion of dowel bars or reinforcement
  • Limits the amount of water penetration into sub-base and subgrade
  • Increases the performance and durability of flooring

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